A little bit about new experiences: Obstetrics and Gynecology rotation

I can honestly say that my OB/GYN rotation was a once in a lifetime opportunity and experience.

I got to really learn about women’s health and about what delivering a baby is really like.

Importantly, I learned that as much as I thought I knew about women’s health, I really didn’t actually know much about a lot of the gynecologic and obstetric problems/complications that some women go through. It was an eye opening experience in so many ways.

So here are some of the highlights and things that I noticed during this rotation.

  1. Delivering babies is fun and scary. I had the privilege of helping to deliver a baby and it was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. I can only describe this experience as being totally in the moment and then once the baby was delivered having a mini “freak-out” moment and being in awe of what just happened. Childbirth is an experience that left me with so much respect for what a woman’s body can do and also a better understanding of how difficult and dangerous giving birth is. I have always been in awe of how a woman’s body can grow another human from a biological perspective, however, other than from that perspective, I never gave childbirth a second thought. Yet, being there for so many different births just left me with such respect for women’s bodies- for the plasticity, elegance and transformation that happens in order for a baby to enter the world. It also opened my eyes to how dangerous childbirth can be. I had never expected it to be such a bloody process, yet it was. I never thought about the complications that can come about during childbirth, but after having seen them happen in real time, it got me thinking about how women who do not have access to such great healthcare and who encounter complications, are capable of delivering. Despite the long hours and overnight shifts, I am so glad that I got to see a broad spectrum of births.
  2. Women’s health is so important. I think that often times when we speak about women’s health there is a barrier to understanding contraception, prevention of disease, and general female anatomy. I got a good understanding of all of this from a medical and personal perspective during this rotation. I got to see so many cases ranging from counseling patients about contraception to counseling patients about what the next step in their cancer treatment would be. I got to talk to patients about the decisions that they were making with their bodies and how they viewed those decisions from a cultural, social, political standpoint. It was eye opening to see so many different perspectives just based on the way that women decided to carry out their own healthcare. Through it all, I felt really empowered because I learned that a woman’s right to choose what they want as part of their healthcare is so critically important.
  3. Residents work really hard and some are great educators. Through this journey in medical school thus far, I have always been in awe of those great doctors who are also great educators. I also am always in awe of how much I have learned from these people. The residents in my OB/GYN rotation work so many hours, are sleep deprived, and stressed out, yet some of them took the time to actually teach. Things like this really made me grateful for being in this med school and for knowing that I  am not only learning from my patients and from books, but also from other doctors…which I think is essential in educating me about the type of doctor I want to be in the future.

So, I had fun in OB/GYN. I didn’t sleep as much as I would have liked to and was exhausted after it ended, but I think the exhaustion was worth it. I learned a lot about so many things which, as a woman, I hand’t thought about or took for granted.

How are you all?



PS: For those who would like to know what I used to study, here it is.

  1. USMLE World Q-bank: The questions were limited but they hit on some of the most important concepts.
  2. APGO UWise Q-bank: This was offered my school and I found it a good resource to go over concepts. The questions are different than what would be on the shelf, however, I thought it was helpful to do the questions to solidify my understanding of the material.
  3. Case Files OB/GYN: I read this book during free time during the rotation. I thought this was a great book which hits on all the important aspects of OB/GYN which are covered on the shelf. If you have time definitely read this, it is a great resource.
  4. Blueprints OB/GYN: I used this as my reference text. I felt that it was a bit too verbose at times without getting the point across quite effectively, however, I did read through some of the chapters at the beginning of the rotation and I think it helped me understand some of the material better. If you do not have time though, I would just read Case Files instead.

Not sure how I did on the shelf yet, but these resources were pretty high yield for me.



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