A little bit about the beginning: (Re)starting medical school and savoring life at EATALY

SO, I’ve officially completed my first medical school rotation!

I spent 6 weeks studying psychiatry, learning from some of the best psychiatrists, and talking to and taking care of patients. The fact that it went by so quickly is a bit surreal. I had a great time learning about my “style” as a medical student and finding things out about how I fit in or don’t fit into clinical medicine. The learning curve was steep and it was hard transitioning into a system that I really had no idea what it would be like. With that said, I learned so much and I really got up everyday feeling a tremendous amount of gratefulness for having these experiences, for having patients who didn’t mind having a medical student on their team, and for being at such a great institution. I will write more about my experience as an MD-PhD student, who was away from clinical medicine for five years, before returning to do third year of medical school (thumbs up if you’d like to read more about that). If anything, I learned that the way I approach problems is through a different lens and I really value that.

BUT alas, it is over. I was so tired at the end because of the long days in clinic. I was really looking forward to having the weekend off before I start my next rotation. I spent most of it getting drinks and catching up with friend- just because medical school is hectic and it’s hard to see people during rotations. I also slept a lot-just because I haven’t really slept much in the past six weeks. Finally, I went to Eataly in the Flatiron district-just because I wanted good food and a different perspective of the city.


I have been to Eataly in Italy 😊. I went while I was in Florence and it didn’t disappoint. It was a huge market with a lot of Italian products, but I didn’t actually have food there while in Florence. I kind of felt like it was pointless to eat there just because I was in Florence and I didn’t feel like eating at Eataly was authentic. Anyway, I was craving pasta and I had never been to Eataly in the city, so I headed down there….and I was not disappointed.

First off, the market itself is massive and it reminded me of this market that I went to while in Florence. There was so much produce and fresh meats and pasta…and I was in love. I walked around for a good hour just marveling at the variety of products and the pasta aisles for days 😍.  I was really pleasantly surprised because I was expecting to feel like a tourist, but there was something about Eataly that didn’t make me feel this way. It seemed like a local spot, even though it massive and full of tourists.


After walking around a bit, I decided to grab some pasta at their pasta restaurant. I had the black squid pasta with shrimp and it was delicious. The presentation was not great, but as soon as I started eating, my taste buds were happy. I paired this with a nice glass of white wine, and my night was made. I was able to relax and have a good time, which is all I was asking for.


I will be returning to Eataly in the future. It made me feel nostalgic for Italy and it reminded me that good food is simple and that some countries really do leave an impression. For me Italy left such a good impression that I do want to go back, but for now, I am glad that Eataly exists in this city and that I was able to savor some of those memories from my time in Italy a few years ago.

Hope all of you are well!




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