A little bit about disconnecting

Lately, I’ve been coming to a conclusion I’ve been trying to deny for such a long time.

This conclusion is that I am a workaholic.

I work extremely hard and long in order to accomplish what I think I need to do. Although for the most part, I do love it, I’m also on this journey of finding balance and for the past few months it has been a struggle to do that.

I do take time, here and there, to still have some sort of life, but I haven’t really taken a few days off especially since I’ve been writing a scientific paper and trying to submit it for publication. This, along with my job, has taken up a lot of time and effort, but also a lot of my energy. In an attempt to find this balance again and fill my mind with thoughts that had nothing to do with science or work, I took a few days off and started to realign with the values that I want to carry over as I enter a new decade of my life next month.

To do this, I went to see some art, celebrated friends turning 30, and went home for a few days.

Let me begin by saying that this passage of friends into their 30s has brought up many thoughts about what that means and if this really is a milestone birthday. There are many experiences that have happened during my twenties that have profoundly shaped who I am now and that have given me a different outlook in life. I actually want to dedicate a post to this, so that will be coming. My twenties have been challenging on a professional and personal level and I do believe that they need to be explored a bit more. Nonetheless, seeing my friends turn 30 made me think about how much we have grown up. To see people who you genuinely love and have known for the past 15 years grow up is incredibly humbling.

After celebrating these birthdays, I went to see a gallery exhibit at Hauser and Wirth. Currently on exhibit are paintings by Jack Whitten, an American artist, whose exhibition was amazing. His pantings were very abstract, contained mixed media, were complex, yet simple, and they really spoke to me. It may be that where I am in life right now can really relate to the abstractness and complexity of his paintings, yet still find that the end product is quite beautiful and simple. When I can find some relation between art and my life, these artists become heroes to me. I think that art that accomplishes this, independent of who makes it, is extremely valuable. The ability for art to tell part of your life story is something that always awes me and also makes me wish that I had some artistic talent…for now though, I’ll settle for my academic talent 🙂 .


The other exhibit on view is “Serialities” which I also found really interesting. I didn’t specifically know that this was on view, but I was surprised and happy to have stumbled upon this. This is a collection of work by many artists which was quite thought provoking because every artist has a different point of view and can convey that in different mediums, by being very abstract or literal, and evoke a positive or negative feeling. I particularly enjoyed the photographs, sculptures, and more abstract part of the exhibition. If you are in the city, go check this out. It is on view until April 2017.


“Are you a tourist?”

Since I was in Chelsea, I also dropped by Chelsea Market again! It has become that spot that I keep running into and that I needed to go into just because they have so many food options in one place. This time around, I had some tacos at LOS TACOS No.1. I am a fan of tacos and these hit the spot, so it is highly recommended because they are quite tasty and mostly authentic (although I cannot really confirm since I am not Mexican).

While walking to Hauser & Wirth
By the Highline


Inside Chelsea Market

Finally, my body needed a little pick me up, so I ventured on home. I grew up in NJ and I am very close to my family. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to appreciate them more, and  actually like spending time with them. I also practically grew up right across the river from NY, and so it is not inconvenient to go home for a day or so. Perhaps what I was most astonished by is that there has been a tremendous amount of development in Jersey City, especially by the river, in the past few years. I had not visited in a while, but I was so amazed by how much it is looking like NYC. There are high rises everywhere, posh restaurants, and the view is amazing.

Thankfully it was one of those really nice sunny days we’ve been having lately when I went, and so I sat by the river, stared at the skyline, and really gave myself time to just think about the journey of the past few months, to let go of the stress of the past few months, and also to just be thankful for the journeys traveled and those yet to be traveled over a cup of coffee. For me this is exactly why going home is so important. It really resets my train of thought and reminds that the way I want to experience life is through having friends, experiences, people in my life excite me.


My brother and I 🙂

Despite working so much lately, I am glad that I haven’t lost sight of the things that are important, for me, in my life.

With that, posts will be coming soon on my experience writing a scientific paper, how my twenties have been since I am turning 30 next month, and just randomness in life and the events that come along as I continue to discover and fall in love with this city.

In the meantime, if you are looking for a new band to listen to, check out Muna.






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