A little bit about finding inspiration

Hi friends,

In between writing, reading, breaking my phone, and continuing to work in lab, I finally decided to take an afternoon off and head to the Whitney. I had been hitting an inspiration wall this week and so I thought it would be best for me to take some time away from my science, and find inspiration in other things. Since I love art, I figured the Whitney would be perfect. It also helps that on Friday evenings, you can get in and pay what you want 🙂 .

I will put it out there that the Whitney is beautiful. It is one of my favorite buildings in this city. The building and location in Chelsea are amazing. The views from the Whitney are even nicer. Even though it was cold, I still managed to get out there and stare at the skyline for a bit.

Like I mentioned before, I needed to find inspiration.

I have been writing non-stop for the past few weeks and it is tougher than I thought. Scientific writing has its own challenges and I had not realized that it really does take practice. Trying to convey an idea clearly can be challenging, particularly when the idea you are trying to convey is a bit abstract. I think I am getting better at it the more I write, however, I had many stumbling blocks and points of frustration. This is all part of the learning process and it makes sense that, like everything else that I have acquired through this PhD, this would also be challenging. In fact, as you all know, this PhD has been challenging and now that I am approaching the end of this part of my training, I laugh and rejoice in the fact that so many things have happened during this journey and that I’ve somehow made it through all of that ….in mostly one piece 😉 .

Back to the Whitney though 😉 . Currently on display are three things, which I found quite interesting.

“Fast forward: Paintings from the 1980’s” is a great exhibition that speaks to human interest issues from a variety of artists, some of which include Basquiat and Haring. This was a nice intro to the Whitney and staring at a few paintings allowed me to clear my mind and to actually try to enjoy the process. The whole exhibition made me think about the complexity of things and how talented some of these artists are, and were, for putting some of these pieces together. I am amazed by other’s talents and it reminds me that these talents have to be cultivated. I do believe some people are intrinsically talented, but no matter what talents you have, they all need to be polished.


“Human interest: Portrait’s from the Whitney’s Collection,” was also great. In fact, this didn’t make me think as much as feel. It tugged at my heartstrings. I felt like most of the portraits that they had- whether in photo from or painting- were so personal and beautiful. Even though the collection included other paintings, I couldn’t get over the photographs and the stories that they tell. It is amazing to me how, despite decades of difference, people are the same at their core. Seeing these photographs and paintings reminded me that we are all human and that it is essential for us to be human to one another.


Finally, “Dreamlands,” helped to turn on most of my senses. I did not do it justice because I didn’t spend as much time here, but the few things I did get to see were very visually stimulating and fun. This would be a great exhibition to visit with a friend and just stare at the short films and the different mediums used to put forth ideas. There is a room that lights up and on the ceiling there are tons of frogs. I found this both scary and fascinating. I went in and out of it a few times. It made me smile and reminded me not to take things too seriously. I wasn’t looking to be that visually stimulated, but leaving the Whitney having seeing this just put a huge smile on my face and reminded me why I trek all the way down there when I need inspiration.


When I left the Whitney, I headed onto Chelsea Market. Most things were closed by the time I got there, but Berlin Currywurst wasn’t and I enjoyed some German currywurst. I had a stint of going to Germany a lot in my early twenties and it was nice to have currywurst. It brought back SO many good memories and it was delicious. I don’t think that  this night could have ended in a better way….or could have inspired me more to keep on writing 😉 .

Photo from berlincurrywurst.com (I was too hungry to even take a photo, but this is currywurst, and it is delicious)



PS: I may be mixing up some of these works among the exhibits. I guess I was so focused on being in the moment, I forgot which ones belong where. 🙂



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