A little bit about magical moments

Hi friends,

Lately, I’ve been really thinking about the magic that we sometimes fail to see in life situations. Often times we are so bogged down with getting through life, that we don’t really stop to see our surroundings and to enjoy them. This is particularly the case when living in a city where there is the constant need to move fast and constant stimulation.

Being a New Yorker for some time now, I am culpable of seeing most things in this city as background noise. I sometimes just don’t bother to pay attention. So, lately I’ve been making the conscious effort to see the magic in things…even if there is little magic. It may be the eternal optimist in me that is doing this, but I figured why not? Life can only get better if I see the good things, no?

In doing so, I found myself at the New Museum last weekend enjoying “Pixel Forest,” by Pipilotti Rist. To say that this was a magical experience is an understatement. Given the amount of stress that I’ve been under trying to actually get this PhD, sitting in the three installation floors at different times and just enjoying the art was amazing.

Let me begin saying that I know nothing about art,  but that I love the feelings that it can evoke. So my perception of art comes but my “gut,” and I think that’s the most important aspect of art. It should make you think and feel something.

Rist’s installation did just this. Her use of technology to project natural landscapes onto floating sheets or the ceiling was mesmerizing. I walked through the room with projections of nature onto sheets for a while, only to be enchanted by all the landscapes and colors that I was seeing. Additionally, her projection of water and bodies, on the ceilings of the museum was astonishing to me. Lying on one of the beds provided and just staring at this while listening to the music that went perfectly with it was extremely relaxing and made me think about so many of the things that have happened this year. It was definitely a reflective moment filled with peace.


The most magical moment came when entering the floor with all of the pixel lights aka the pixel forest. The suspension of lights from the ceiling which were then coordinated to light up at different times and with different colors reminded me of being in a magical forest full of light. I walked around just being mesmerized by this. At some point, I found a seat, and just stared for some time at the changing of lights and colors. Even though there were a lot of people there, I felt quite alone, which was a good thing. This allowed me to really enjoy the experience.


The only word that came to mind while walking through this exhibition was magic. For that, I am thankful because it reminded me that despite all the chaos in my life right now, there is magic everywhere. It reminded me that no matter how difficult things seem, the magic in things often evokes hope. Rist’s exhibition evoked hope and it refilled that creativity aspect of my life that has been so bogged down by the mundane aspects of life.

So, lesson learned. I now am facing this microscosm with open eyes and trying to enjoy the magic in things. After all, this is what life is about, no?

Happy Holidays friends!!!

I hope that you are all enjoying the magic in things and that this holiday season brings all of you so much love, hope, and happiness.

Thank you for being part of this journey!





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