A year of “A little bit of everything”

Hi friends,

It has been a year since I first starting writing for this blog. What a year it has been!

In being reminded about this by WordPress, I became very nostalgic about what the last year has been about. For me personally, it has been about growing as a human being and really asking myself what it is that I want for my life. That was one of the reasons why I started this blog. I not only wanted to document my time in NYC, but also delve deeper into why I love this city and all of the little dents that it is making in my life…of course, all of these “dents” are good ones  :).

In reflecting about everything that has been going on, I began thinking about the backdrop that this city has been for the “rich” life that I’ve been living. I’ve had some of the most amazing food here, seen some amazing art, had life altering experiences, and met some of my closest friends. It goes without saying that this city is helping me to grow up and to really learn what it is that I want out of life (if knowing that ever really happens 😉 ).

As I was taking a stroll in east 50s tonight, I began to reflect on how grateful I am for all of the challenges of the past year. I am a believer that every situation in life is usually handed to us to help us grow. Taking this stroll I saw so many beautiful things and I smiled as it reminded me that no matter what the challenges ahead are, there is so much beauty in everything surrounding me and that I am fortunate to be able to see all of this.

So I wanted to share some photos that I took of that stroll with you. I am glad that after almost eight years of living in this city, a really challenging path towards completing this MD-PhD degree, two surgeries later, multiple heartbreaks and disappointing experiences, I am still hopeful for the future and I am excited about everything that is about to come. I definitely cannot wait for the day when I can finally share the joy (and disappointment) of getting a PhD with you guys ;).

I am also really glad that every piece of this city still continues to evoke so much emotion. So much of my adult life has happened here. So many of the experiences that I have confronted here have made me both soft and hard, and I am eternally grateful to this city and it’s people for doing that to and for me.

I hope to continue sharing all of these things with you!

Thanks for all your support and kind words this past year. All of you, wherever you are, really mean a lot to me 🙂 .




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