An “ode” to NYC

Hi friends,

Lately I’ve been having a rough time “adulting.” Being an adult is something that from time to time, I find quite exhausting. In between the responsibilities of having lab work (which sometimes seems like more than a full time job) and of trying to live a productive young adult life, there is little time to actually think or examine oneself. Just today, I was on my way to a doctor’s appointment, and for the first time in weeks, I actually realized that I take this city for granted.

Don’t get me wrong, I love living in this city. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, yet sometimes everyday life makes me think of this city as a backdrop against which my life is occurring. There are few moments when I actually sit and take this city in.

On my cab ride to this appointment, I actually had a moment of falling back in love with this city. Seeing the East River on one side, the tall buildings on the other side, the small parks which seemed to pop out of nowhere, and the throngs of cars and people, I was just entranced. So, for this blog post, I figured a should share a few of the magical moments that I have been fortunate enough to have while living in this city.

  1. Meeting “random” people in Central Park- After my most recent breakup, I was feeling super low, so I decided to go sit by Bethesda fountain. I wanted to people watch and get out of my head. I got this for a good ten minutes before the huge dog, a golden retriever, approached me. His owner then sat next to me. One of the things about me, which many of you may not know, is that I love animals. I have a cat and would love to have a dog. So when I see all these dogs around, I usually can’t help but admire how kind they can be. As I was petting the dog, it’s owner and I got into a conversation about life. During this time, I had also been questioning the length of my career path and it was good to talk to this stranger about what I do for a living. He seemed impressed, but this wasn’t what made me feel better about different life situations, it was the way he managed to convince me that all the “sacrifices” I am making are worth it. There wasn’t anything particular about what he said which made me feel better, but it was just the feeling he gave me. He made me realize that following your dreams, no matter how hard they seem or how far away they appear, is totally worth it.
  2. Leaving a doctor’s appointment to find the Empire State Building right in front of you- The architecture of this city often astounds me. I love all the buildings and how cool they look both from close and far away. After leaving some recent doctor’s appointments, walking outside, and actually raising my head, I noticed that the Empire State Building was right in front of me. I was left in awe by how beautiful it looked against the backdrop of a hot NY summer day. These visions are things I will never forget and part of the reason why I moved here.
  3. Meeting different “soulmates.” In my time in NY, I have met so many “soulmates.” I am a hopeless romantic and for whatever reason all of the guys I’ve dated here have entered my life at the most unexpected time and situations. The thing is that all of these people have come into my life to color my view of NY differently. I can definitely walk into many of my favorite places in this city and recount a memory of having spent time with someone whom has changed me there. Some of these memories bring up really nice feelings, while others don’t, but I think that having all of these memories have added so much to my experience here. That is the thing about this city and it’s people- they inevitably change you. I have met some of the most intriguing people here and the way they view themselves and life has changed who I am. All of these changes have been for the better. I wouldn’t exchange any of these, even when a lot of these relationships have ended in heartbreak.
  4. Finding yourself in rooftops and admiring how big this metropolis is. Rooftops are the best. Last weekend I found myself on one and I just couldn’t believe how massive this city is. Seeing the skyline was awesome and I would have never thought that I would make it there.

I am sure I can conjure more things up, but I don’t want this blog to go on forever.  Here are a few photos!

I haven’t been posting more often because lab and life are so hectic right now! I just moved again and lab work has ramped up like crazy in the past few weeks, so my life is in a bit of disarray.

What are you guys up to?




One thought on “An “ode” to NYC

  1. That’s a great description about how everyday life can turn the city into a backdrop! We totally agree that it’s easy to take it for granted, but it’s just as easy to fall back in love with it. 😁❤ Fun post!


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