Beginning a yoga practice

Hi friends,

Hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful weekend. It has definitely gotten hotter and more humid in NYC. Although I must admit I love the summer, the humid heat is something I could do without.

With the city being so vibrant, I would love to spend my time outside. Unfortunately, this is not case, as I am in the nitty gritty of finalizing experiments so I can put my thesis together. With this there also comes an unimaginable amount of stress.

The way that I have always managed stress has been by working out. For most of my adult life, I have been relatively active, either running, exercising on my own, or taking an exercise class somewhere.

The only problem now is that I’ve had two hip surgeries in the past year and my body is just not what it used to be. My muscles aren’t what they used to be.

I could sulk about that and blame the inability of my body to get it together (which I have at times0, or I could do something about it. Since I got cleared to actually start engaging in activity outside of physical therapy, I decided to start a yoga practice. I have been doing yoga, on and off, for years and just picked it back up a few weeks ago.

The thing about the benefits of yoga for me are two fold. First, I can challenge my body depending on how my muscles feel that day. Second, I can actually get really relaxed and find some of my zen during that class. This definitely helps because I am definitely sleep deprived as of late and stress is something that I think sometimes I do not deal well with. So yoga helps to calm down all the anxieties in my life- the physical and psychological.

I’ve tried a couple of studios on the east side and three have stood out to me. In the past I used to do Bikrham yoga and I loved it, but I currently don’t feel comfortable doing it. The studio in Grand Central is really nice and the teachers are helpful. Everyone is there is supportive too and very respectful of your practice. The two other studios cater more to “regular” yoga. These are Yogaworks and New York Yoga. I like both studios a lot. Both of them have a great selection of classes and the teachers are helpful and knowledgeable. Once you find an instructor that you can relate to, the rest is easy. If you are interested in starting a practice you should definitely google them and give any of them a visit.

I am really excited about making Yoga part of my life now. It is as though I am slowly embarking on a journey of self discovery with my body again. Not everything feels as it used to, but I do know that even with these new feelings, my body is slowly getting back to whatever it’s new normal will be.

I will keep you posted on where this takes me.





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