Things to do in NYC this summer

Hi friends,

I hope all of you are doing well! It has been a pretty busy past few weeks, so I am glad that I have the time now to sit down an write a blog post.

First, a little update on NYC and fun things that have been going on in my life!

It finally has started to be mostly warm during the day. Even though there are the occasional thunder storms (like today), for the most part it is nice to see the sun out! I am super excited about summer. Here are a few things which I found fun and are worth doing if you are around.

  • This weekend Governor’s Ball Music festival is going on in Randall’s Island. I was unable to attend this time around, but had tons of fun last year. If you are ever around the city during this time, you should definitely check it out. It had such a good time and got to meet some music lovers like myself.
  • If you missed Governor’s Ball, no worries. There are other festivals going on later on like Panorama Music Festival. Also, there are so many bands and artists that pass by during the summer, so the options for music are endless. It’s also surprising and nice that sometimes you may be having dinner at a restaurant and have live music there….I have never been disappointed by the live music. It is just a matter of keeping an open mind and enjoying the experience 🙂 . Below is a photo of “Daughter” one of my favorite bands who was here a few months ago.


  • I’ve also been enjoying going to the park. I just love the park around this time of year. It is just a nice and relaxing place to go chill out after a long day at work or during the weekend. It is also super romantic. A secret section of Central Park just opened and will be opened for a few months. I’ve been itching to go see it, but haven’t had the time to. I will soon though and I will let you know if I am impressed.


  • You must visit the Highline. I wrote a blog post about it, so check it out.
  • I’ve also been having drinks with friends. In fact, a few weekends ago we went to a rooftop bar in midtown. The drinks and atmosphere were good so I would definitely recommend giving them a visit. The bar is called Spyglass Rooftop.


  • If you are in the area and want to get some good German food, you should visit Reichenbach Hall. The beer and the atmosphere is good…and if you are down for eating some, probably unhealthy food, then you should definitely visit. I’ve been to Germany multiple times over the past few years and I always miss currywurst mit pommes and this place definitely hit the spot.


  • Since you will be in that area anyway a trip to Bryant Park is a must. You can grab some food from the nearby places and grab a table at the park and just chill out. I think you can see that the major theme this summer will be just chilling out 😉 . They also offer movie nights and art performances throughout the summer.


So that is it for now. Check these things out and let me know what you think.

I also got a question regarding my career path a few weeks ago. I will write a blog post on my experience as a MD-PhD student soon. I am just thinking about how to best structure that blog post.

Thanks for all your support guys!




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