NYC music scene: Daughter

Hi friends,

I should let you know that I am very much into music :).

Living in NYC provides some major advantages when it comes to this. Many bands pass make a stop here and if you are lucky enough to get tickets, it is easy to go see them play.

This was the case this time around.

I went to see “Daughter” play at the National Sawdust in Brooklyn this past week. The venue was amazing. It was so small that we ended up being really close to the stage and this made for quite an intimate and amazing experience.


The band is an indie folk band from England composed of Elena, Igor and Remi. They released their first album in 2013 titled “If You Leave.” This album was amazing even though it spoke more to heartbreak. Their second album was released earlier this year. “Not to Disappear,” is different from the first album, but it maintains the soulfulness of the band. It still speaks to heartbreak, but there is more of a grown up quality to the way it handles it. Elena has an amazing voice and, even when the songs are sad, the band does such amazing job with the sound that you want to sing and dance along.

The band did not disappoint this week. They played a mix of old and new songs.I left feeling like I knew the band on a more intimate level and it was nice to see that their music  and art really matters to them.

If you are looking for new music, check them out.


Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!




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