A little bit about NYC Restaurant Week

Hello friends,

In between recovering from my second hip surgery, I have been trying to have some fun and do “normal” life stuff. This means that I have been getting together with friends to catch up and what better way to do this than during restaurant week.

Restaurant week spans about three weeks during the winter and summer. It allows for restaurants to showcase their menus by providing a reasonably price three course meal. I find it awesome since it allows me to try restaurants that I wouldn’t normally try since I am on a graduate student salary πŸ˜‰ .

This time around, my friends and I, decided to try two new restaurants. The first is “Gaonnuri, a Korean restaurant that is on the top floor of a building in midtown. I must say that I was quite impressed by their menu and their views. They offered a variety of things to try, including Korean BBQ, which made all of us happy. My friends tried the BBQ and I decided to go for a soup. I found both of them to be delicious. My friends had fun using the grill that they had in the middle of our table and I had fun watching them figure out how to BBQ things. Apart from the great food, I had such a great time looking out the windows. We went in the evening, so it was nice to see all of the lit up, tall buildings in NYC from a different perspective. I think the view alone was awesome. There are few times when you get to see all of these building so up close.

The other restaurant that I tried out was “The National.” My friend picked this one out and I just followed along. The menu was varied and had enough choice for most people. I chose to eat fish for my two main courses and had a chocolate dessert. All of my food was pretty good and the portions were filling. I think my friend was a little disappointed though. All of his food had pomegranate seeds, which is something he didn’t mind, but we wondered if the restaurant had a surplus of pomegranates πŸ˜‰ . He ordered the vegetarian options and, although the food was tasty, I don’t think he got a bang for his buck.

If I were to return to either one of these restaurants, I would definitely go back to Gaonnuri. I think that outside of Restaurant week, the food is reasonably priced and the views are great. It helps that everything tasted really great.

I hope all of you are doing well. If you missed Restaurant Week this time around, there will be another one in the summer.




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