A little bit about music: Chvrches- Every Open Eye

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Hello everyone,

I am back from a much needed vacation. During this time, I was listening to the new Chvrches album, “Every Open Eye,” non-stop. I must say that this album is better than their freshman album and I have really enjoyed listening to and dancing to all of the songs (in private, of course 😉 ).

I’ve been a Chvrches fan since I was introduced to their song, “The mother we share,” from their previous album. I purchased their album right away and fell in love with the band. I was so smitten by them that I went to see them play when they came to NY last year. Needless to say, they are great live and Lauren sounds just like she does on the album.

After listening to their new album, I am convinced that this band is AMAZING.

Most of the songs in this new album talk to trying to build healthy relationships while still maintaining a sense of autonomy and holding your ground. It might just be where I am in life, but I related to every single one of the songs- including the ones that talk about just letting go of people or relationships that are just not good for you. Whereas their last album spoke a lot about heartbreak, breaking up relationships and the anger that sometimes comes along with that, this one is way more uplifting and shows a personal growth by the band. Not only in the lyrics, but also in the beats that they produce. I am not a music expert, but even when the lyrics are not super uplifting, the beats in the songs just make me want to dance and bob my head back and forth. At times it is so contagious that I have found myself almost dancing to their songs in public.

I really love the progression in theme and beats that the band has produced. I especially like “Make them Gold,” “Down side of me,” “Get Away,” and “Bow Down.” These songs appeal to me due to their lyrics, but also because the beats are catchy. Apart from these songs, I also am very into all the singing done by Martin (the male vocalist) in this album. I love the two songs he sings and it is nice to see him contributing more vocally than he did in the first album. It might be time to make one of his songs a single…I am sure fans would totally be into that.

I would have loved to see them when they came to NYC last week, but I was out of town which made me pretty sad. I really hope that they come to NYC soon.

If you are a Chvrches fan, what did you think of their new album? If you aren’t, go get their new album, you won’t regret your purchase!





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