A little bit about living in NYC: Lazy Sundays

Hi lovely people,

Sunday is finally upon us!

As with every Sunday, I try to reflect on the week that has passed. So here goes…

  1. September 11th: It was very somber day in NYC. The air felt heavy for me. It is difficult to put into words. I felt comforted by the fact that the city seemed to stop for a while to pay tribute to the lives lost that day.
  2. The Whitney Museum of American Art: I went there a few months ago when it reopened. I’ve been thinking about it ever since. It has a new location near the HighLine. It is extremely beautiful and the exhibition “America is hard to see,” really resonated with me. I do not know anything about art, nor am I an art critic, but I love to stare at beautiful works of art. There is so much emotion that can be conveyed through art and I just love looking at a good painting/photograph/sculpture. I have been visiting a lot of the museums in NYC lately. I will try to give you an insight into these in later blogpost as I’d like to share my view of the this city and the world with you. Below are some photos from the Whitney’s exhibition you might enjoy. If you are in NYC, it is definitely worth visiting. I especially like the O’Keeffe, Basquiat, Haring pieces.
  3. Marylin Monroe: I took the photo highlighted on this blogpost at the Whitney. This photo of Marylin taking a photo has really stuck with me. There is so much happiness conveyed in her eyes. She also looks really confident. Even though Marilyn had such a troubled life, the woman in this picture is who I aspire to be. I want to be happy. I want to be confident in my abilities to make things happen for myself. I am not saying that I am not, however, my twenties have definitely been years of discovering who I am, what I want and where I want to go. This photo, to me, encapsulates all of those things. I want to be a confident woman who knows these things about herself.
  4. Dating in NYC: I have a date today. Given that I’ve chosen to be single for the past few months, I am a bit apprehensive about dating. I am at a stage in life where I don’t want to settle and waste my time. In the past few years, I’ve learned how to be comfortable by myself even when I am in relationships. We will see how it goes.

IMG_1090 IMG_1091



Haring and Basquiat

IMG_1076IMG_1071IMG_1135  IMG_1070

America (I did not take these artists’ names down 😦 )

I hope all of you are having a great weekend. Sorry if this blogpost is all over the place, but these are all things that have been circulating through my mind all week.

How was your week?

Let’s positively look forward to the week ahead 🙂 .




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