A little bit about my style: Beach favorites

As an ode to the ending of summer in NYC, I though that I should do a quick post on what I’ve been bringing to the beach with me. I wasn’t a big fan of the beach until I went to Costa Rica at the beginning of the year (pictured below). Ever since coming back I had been yearning the sun, sand, and water.


Needless to say, I welcomed summer with arms wide open. I am quite sad to see it leave, but as Bill Cunningham put it best, “Don’t regret the loss of summer because what is ahead is just as good as what has passed.” (You should check his weekly videos on fashion on the New York Times, linked above).

This summer I’ve been to the beach multiple times. I haven’t been to beaches in the NY area, but have traveled far and wide to other beaches. I’m kidding ūüėČ . I’ve just traveled to NJ to soak up the sun. If you ever visit NY and want to go to a nice beach, the beaches at Sandy Hook, NJ are great. There is a ferry that leaves from downtown NYC and takes about an hour to get to there.


My beach essentials include:


  1. Swim suit: A good beach day deserves a good swim suit. I alternate between wearing two pieces and a one piece. The two piece is definitely good for sunbathing, but the one piece first just great when I don’t feel like showing my body to the world.¬†The two piece is from Victoria’s Secret. I love the fact that I won’t get tan lines as the top strapless¬†and the bottom fits perfectly around my hips elongating my torso. The one piece is from American Eagle and I love the color and the detail on the back. It is open back with crisscross pattern made by the straps. It is not the greatest for sunbathing because it will leave tan marks all over your back (learned that the hard way), but it looks great on.
  2. Sunscreen:¬†I don’t like the smell of most commercial sunscreens, but Neutrogena’s sunscreen¬†smells so good and provides good coverage. It is also super hydrating without feeling sticky. Sunscreen is necessary at the beach for skin protection while achieving that great tan.
  3. Sunglasses: I love my Ray Bans. These are the classic ones that everyone seems to be wearing now. I got these a long time ago before they were even in style and then they just exploded over the past few months. I love how these look on my face- they frame my face perfectly and are the perfect addition to my swimsuit.
  4. Scarf/Sarong: I got this scarf which doubles as my sarong when I was in Munich last year. It is big enough to place it on the sand and lay on top of it. It also doubles as a sarong especially when I want to leave the beach to get some food. It is by EDC.
  5. EOS lip moisturizer: When I got to the beach, I put on some sunscreen on my face and might wear some water proof mascara, but that is about it for makeup. I do find that the sun dries out my lips, so I always make sure to take my EOS lip moisturizer with me. It helps that its design makes it super cute.
  6. Light t-shirt and shorts: Since I have to take public transport to the beach, I usually put on a light t-shirt and some shorts to travel. Summer days in NYC are quite humid and hot, so it is always good to wear something comfortable and breathable. The shorts and shirt pictured here are from Hollister.
  7. Sandals: I bought the sandals which were designed by Giselle (the supermodel) in Hamburg, Germany a few years ago. They withstood the test of time and still remain very comfortable. They are made of a rubber like material which makes them perfect for the beach. Sand does not stick to them and they can get wet easily without getting ruined.

What do you bring to the beach?




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