A little bit about my personal style: My ten-year high school reunion

Do you ever get the feeling that with the blink of an eye so much time has passed? It seems like I was 18 ages ago, getting excited about graduating from high school and what was to come. This weekend I got to relive my high school experience at my ten year high school reunion. One of my best friends described it appropriately as our second “prom.”

Getting to the reunion was one thing. NYC never fails to amuse me. Despite the long holiday weekend, midtown was completely full of tourists and jam packed with cars. It was an experience walking through Times Square with my dress and heels.


Then, our high school reunion was definitely something.

On the one hand, I got to reconnect with friends that I grew up with and whom I love dearly, which made this occasion incredibly fun. We talked, danced, and had a few drinks in celebration of the past ten years. On the other hand, it was also awkward at moments. In high school, I wasn’t the most popular kid. I was very focused, quiet and self-involved. The friends I did make were either people who had grown up with me or those who were in my classes. It did not help that I have always been an overachiever and ended up being a “nerd” (something I am very proud of) throughout high school. In fact, my claim to “stardom”  was that I was valedictorian of my class. The people who weren’t really my friends back then appeared to only remember me because of that. Our reunion was a recap of high school- everyone had their own group and they did not dare to venture outside of it. We became cool kids, nerds, drama nerds, outcasts etc etc, all over again. Other awkward situations included talking about what has happened in the past ten years. My classmates have taken different paths and at points it seemed like some (or maybe all of us) were trying to show off what we were doing or finding a way to justify what we had chosen to do with our lives. Honestly, I did not care about what people were up to, as long as they were happy doing it.

Overall, though, it was a great experience. I got to talk to my closest friends and to share some memories about the people that we were back then. At our core we are the same people, but we have also changed so much in the past ten years. Having grown up in a relatively small, sheltered town, I think that as we’ve gone outside for college or work, we have realized that there is so much more of the world that we’d like to see. There are also so many more things that we’d like to experience now that we are “adults.”  We realize that, at 28, the world is really our oyster and that it is up to us to continue to make our goals and happiness come true. In that respect this weekend was great. I left feeling inspired and aspiring to be like my childhood friends. None of us would have thought that we would be doctors, pharmacists, counselors, teachers, as we were trying to navigate our teen and high school years.

It was also great to go back home and reconnect with my “roots.” Home always reminds me of how far I’ve come and how much more I would like to do.

Also, since this was our second “prom,” we all looked great. I decided to wear a simple blue/purple shiny dress (from Express), black wedges (I think I got them at Sears) and Alex and Ani bracelets and studs. As you get to know me, you will realize that I have a very minimalistic sense of style. I am also on a graduate school salary/budget, so I like to mix very inexpensive pieces with more pricey ones. I like to keep it simple but classy. My makeup was also very simple- I used the makeup from one of my previous blogposts. I did do a smoky eye and curled my mid length hair. It felt like prom all over again…except that this time I felt much more comfortable in my own skin, which is one of the perks of becoming older 😉 .




PS: The photo above is the view from where I grew up. My heart has, somehow, always been with NYC.


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