A little bit of medical school: Advice for third year medical students

I finished my third year of medical school a few months ago, so I thought I should reflect on it. Honestly, it was one of the most exhausting years ever. It was also one of the years where there were amazing and not so amazing times. I know that going into it, I had no... Continue Reading →


A little bit of travel: Reconnecting in Puerto Rico

A few weekends ago, I decided to take a trip to Puerto Rico. It was meant to be a weekend trip to de-stress from the past few months of what seems like non-stop work. I didn't really have any expectations other than to go sit by a beach and get a tan, so I was... Continue Reading →

And I am alive!

Has it really been almost three months since I posted here? I guess it has, but I am glad to announce that I am still alive. It has been quite the busy past few months. I could use the usual excuse which is I have been on rotations. BUT I could also be honest and... Continue Reading →


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